Senior Care Bathtubs American Standard Whirlpool Walk In Tubs


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American Standard whirlpool walk-in bathtubs are high quality Jacuzzi that is designed and manufactured by American Standard company. American Standard whirlpool bathtubs have an automatic heater.

The heater is used to maintain the water temperature in the tub. Users control the heater with the preset pressure switch.

In order for the heater to turn on, the pump must have running water that are flow into the whirlpool. When the heater is on, the indicator light will glow.

The high limit switch contains a safety circuit that prevent false trip from warm tap water. It will automatically turn off the heater when the thermostat is not working properly.

The air massage system offer relaxing massage to the user that is sitting in the bathtub. It contains four buttons including on/off, air speed increase, air speed decrease and wave function.

Pressing the on/off button will turn on the air blower. If you press the on/off button again, the air blower will be turned off. The air speed increase button increases the air blower to the next higher speed.

The air speed decrease will reduce the air blower speed to the next lower speed. The wave function will launch the wave function. The wave function causes the speed of the blower to vary from high and low. American

Standard whirlpool bathtubs have several drying cycle options including standard drying cycle, and 24th programmable drying cycle. The standard drying cycle will begin after the air blower is stop functioning for twenty minutes.

The LED of the blower will blink while waiting for the standard drying cycle. The 24th programmable drying cycle allows you to set the activation time of the purge cycle.

Some American Standard whirlpool bathtubs are equipped with lights while others don’t. American Standard whirlpool bathtubs with lights use different LED light colors to determine the cycle.

For example, the display color of the light is white during the first cycle. It is equipped with a 3 button electronic switch. The 3 button electronic switch controls the whirlpool pump and turn on the chromatherapy lights.

It is easy to clean the circulation system of this type of home safety bathtub with ease.

To clean the circulation system, you must fill it with warm water. You should add 2 teaspoon of dishwasher detergent and ½ cup of bleach. After that, you should activate the whirlpool system.

The whirlpool system must run for about 2 hours. Finally, you can drain the water and refill it with cold water. You can let the cold water circulate for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, you can drain the whirlpool. Users should clean and maintain their whirlpool tub from time to time. The whirlpool tub should be filled with temperate water.

Hot water that has a temperature beyond 130 F will cause damage to the surface. After using the whirlpool tub, make sure you remove the bath mat. You should allow some time for the bath mat to dry in the tub.

To maintain the tub, you can use a mild detergent to clean the surface. Detergents that are not suitable for cleaning American Standard whirlpool bathtubs are Dow Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner and Lysol Disinfectant.


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